Les Fontenelles Sancerre

Wine enthusiasts, prepare to be captivated by the iconic Les Fontenelles, a name synonymous with the very essence of Sancerre. This exceptional wine is produced by a unique entity: La Cave des Vins de Sancerre, the first and only growers’ cooperative in the appellation. Founded in 1963, it remains relatively small with only 80 growers situated across 12 villages. This unique structure grants La Cave unparalleled access to a diverse tapestry of terroirs, encompassing everything from clay-limestone to flint and caillottes. This remarkable variety empowers them to craft compelling wines with remarkable consistency and quality, vintage after vintage.

A Meticulous Expression of Terroir

Sustainability and meticulous attention to detail are the cornerstones of Les Fontenelles production. Their vines are untamed by irrigation, fostering resilience and slow, natural growth. This dedication to natural processes results in grapes bursting with concentrated flavour, hand-harvested at peak ripeness for optimal expression. Gentle pneumatic pressing and temperature-controlled fermentation preserve the delicate aromatics and vibrant acidity that define Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc.

A Symphony of Flavors on Your Palate

Les Fontenelles Sancerre is a masterclass in Sauvignon Blanc expression. Expect a captivating bouquet bursting with notes of citrus, white flowers, and hints of minerality. The palate dances with vivacious acidity, balanced by subtle richness and a lingering, elegant finish. This is a wine that speaks of its terroir, each sip revealing the sun-drenched slopes, cool nights, and chalky soils that nurture the vines.

Beyond the Classic: A World of Exploration

While the Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc reigns supreme, Les Fontenelles delves deeper, offering a range of expressions to pique your curiosity. Discover the Cuvée Prestige, a limited-edition release showcasing exceptional vintage character. For a touch of complexity, explore their Vieilles Vignes, crafted from vines exceeding 40 years in age. And for those seeking a red adventure, venture into their Gamay offerings, bursting with juicy fruit and a touch of spice.

A Labor of Love: Unveiling the Secrets

Here’s where the magic truly happens:

  • Vines thrive without irrigation: This encourages slow, natural growth, resulting in resilient and hardy grapes with concentrated flavor.
  • Low vine training: The grapes grow close to the stony soils, maximizing warmth absorption in the cool climate.
  • Hand-picked at peak ripeness: Ensures optimal flavor concentration and quality.
  • Gentle pneumatic pressing: Preserves delicate aromatics and vibrant acidity.
  • Cool fermentation: Maintains freshness and enhances flavor development.
  • Spontaneous fermentation: Utilizes native yeast for a unique character, with cultured yeast added for stability if needed.
  • Lees aging: Adds complexity and richness to the final wine.

Les Fontenelles is more than just a wine; it’s an experience. It’s a journey into the heart of Sancerre, guided by generations of passionate growers and crafted with deep respect for the land. So, raise a glass, wine enthusiasts, and savor the essence of this iconic appellation. With every sip of Les Fontenelles, discover a world of terroir, tradition, and pure, unadulterated Sauvignon Blanc magic.